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The history of Santa Brigida is in the landscape reflected the village, a tour which is very worthwhile. The caves Cueva de Los Frailes provides a picture of the original inhabitants of the region. This is carved into the La Caldereta volcano is located next to the bridge of La Calzada. This complex of 37 natural caves were discovered in 1933.
Another cave complex, Cueva de los Canarios, located on the north side of the volcano crater Caldera de la Bandama. This cave was used by the original Canary Islanders as a granary and has inscriptions in Arabic language, which were discovered in the nineteenth century Several bowls of pottery found here are part of the collection of the Canarian Museum. In the valleys of La Angostura and Las Meleguinas be found the remains of the original inhabitants. You can find here in the mountains hewn cave dwellings, granaries and roads. The great historical importance of this region has meant that this has been designated as a cultural heritage. Near La Angostura, the archaeological site Tejar. The name Tejar covers the stone oven (for tiles) that stood here since the sixteenth century. It is to find a drystone wall which makes it plausible that there was a house or tomb of the natives here. Also pieces here are pottery, carvings and paintings found special.
A walk through the village leads certainly by the church of Santa Brígida. At the site of the present church was already built the first church in 1525. It was destroyed by fire and the present church has a neo-gothic exterior and an interior that is typical of the churches on the island: three ships of equal size, barrel vaults with features of the original construction. The landbschapspark Parque Agrícola Guiniguada alongside the palm Satautejo, is worth a visit. Here you will find houses, floor houses and villas offered for rent.

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