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Spend the winter

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We have the best apartments, bungalows, fincas selected for you In all price ranges for your stay on Gran Canaria.

!!!Spend the winter offers up from 4 months rentel time!!!

You can choose from more than 300 objects winter rentals.


- Bungalow - Apartment - Duplex - Finca - house - Villa -

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Conditions for the mediation of apartments and houses

- 1 business purpose -

The purpose of Immorent Canarias is to refer to holiday homes and apartments that can be rented directly from the landlord.

- 2 brokerage activities -

Immorent Canarias arranges contracts for holiday accommodation between clients and service providers.

Service providers are landlords and / or agencies. Immorent Canarias is only a mediator and not an organizer.

This means that the customer's contract partner on site is the respective landlord or service provider.

With this the lease has been concluded, not with Immorent Canarias.

All information and images regarding the objects are based solely on information from the relevant landlord / service provider.

The accuracy and completeness of the information cannot be verified by Immorent Canarias.

Immorent Canarias is not the provider of these services.

Immorent-Canarias mediated for the customer, The contracts are with the respective landlord / service provider, whereby the respective contract terms of the landlord / service provider apply.

- 3 Representation of the lessor by Immorent Canarias in individual cases -

In individual cases, Immorent Canarias acts as a representative and on behalf of the lessor / service provider. Immorent Canarias only has representation authority

on the contract offered by the lessor / service provider (called "booking confirmation")

to present to the customer and to receive the rent for the rented object that the customer has booked with the lessor and to forward it to the lessor.

The booking confirmation is signed by the owner of the rented property and sent to the tenant by Immorent Canarias once payment has been received.

- 4 booking process -

With the telephone, electronic or written booking, the customer pays the landlord

Immorent Canarias made a binding offer to conclude a lease. The customer stays on

his reservation request is bound to Immorent Canarias 3 days after receipt. A contract only comes then

if the lessor, represented by Immorent Canarias, confirms the booking in writing to the customer by e-mail.

With the booking, the customer can accept the existing conditions of the respective contractor

as well as the reservation conditions of Immorent Canarias. When booking, the number of all persons must be noted (including children) and the bringing of pets (including the species / breed) must be stated.

With the booking confirmation at Immorent Canarias, payment must be made immediately. If the payment is not received in time on the specified account, the lessor has the right to cancel the reservation.

In case of cancellation by the

Customers are not reimbursed for any costs incurred through direct bookings.

These costs can be covered by a travel cancellation insurance, which the tenant can take out himself.

The customer is obliged to check the booking confirmation for accuracy immediately upon receipt

and to inform Immorent Canarias or the lessor of inaccuracies or deviations.

24 hours after receipt.

- 5 payment / travel documents -

The individual payment methods, the services of the landlord on site and all others, the subject of the contract

The relevant regulations are determined based on the respective contract terms and conditions of the lessor (eg Confirmation of the reservation,

Confirm booking confirmation, business and booking conditions)

made and used. Immorent Canarias is not responsible for the content of these contracts. And have no influence on this either.

It should be noted that when transferring the rent bank charges (domestic or foreign)

not to be borne by the lessor.

- 6 withdrawal / rebooking -

1. Immorent Canarias is entitled to charge administration costs for a change of reservation / change of date or cancellation.

2. For the possibility of cancellation, the tenant must take out cancellation insurance for the accommodation as well as for the flights, which then takes effect.

- 7 complaints / interruptions in service -

Should encounter unexpected problems during the trip or the booked accommodation must

the customer immediately contact the responsible contract partner.

Immorent Canarias is not entitled to accept complaints. These must be expressed directly opposite the landlord, immorent is also a mediator in this case.


-Arrival and departure times-

Arrival and departure between 9.30 am and 8 pm.
High costs are charged outside these times.

ONLY on arrival and departure between 8 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. we charge an additional 100, - Euro extra night surcharge, which you pay us on arrival, as long as the arrival and departure times fall within this time! There are no extra costs outside of this red marked time!

If the departure date is not yet fixed, we will take a deposit of € 100 for a possible departure with a night surcharge. (this will of course be refunded on departure, if the time of departure is without night surcharge).

Returning the rented: Broom clean! On arrival 150, - Euro deposit paid to Immorent Canaria, which you will get back on departure, as long as the property is swept clean (meaning, without dirty benches, garbage under the bed, ect .. = unfortunately happened) and without breakage or damage to the inventory is returned. This is now required as security for our landlords.