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New from 01 June 2013:

Energy certificate (certificado the Eficiencia energetics) on sales and rental of property in Gran Canaria this will be a compulsory.

Without this certificate, the notary can not settle a sale.

The energy certificate must be presented to any potential customer.
To a buyer must submit the original one and To a tenant a copy.



With this new law, any interested customer can get concrete information about the energy efficiency of the house. In order to make a decision to purchase or rent the property. Thus, according to the new law, a comparison of the energy efficiency of a building as possible towards to other properties.

Each owner is responsible for the application of the energy certificate. He must bear the associated costs of the certificate itself. The owner is obliged to submit the certificate for inspection by the inspectors of the local government.

The certificate is valid for 10 years. In a sale, the new owner must apply for a certificate in his own name.

Where to apply for an Energy Certificate?

The Ministry says that an energy efficiency certificate can only be obtained from a qualified technician who is certified to do this. There are several companies that can do this below you will find the details of the largest.

The cost of the energy-certificate depends on the number of square meters.

For more information:

Canarias Certificacion Energetica

C / Pintor, 8. Polígono Industrial "Las Salinetas". 35219. Counted, Gran Canaria. Las Palmas. ES.

Tel: 928 706 265.


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