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Longterm Rentals

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Renting a house or bungalow or apartment on Gran Canaria,
for a longer time:

Most of the landlords here on Gran Canaria offer properties for a longer period  so called longterm rentals, usually with a 1-year lease contract.

However, there are also landlords a few who offer contracts up from 6 months.

These rental agreements upfrom 1 year can be extended automatically to 3 years, this is legally determined.

For these objects, therefore, the resident rates are also more favorable than the tourist rates. Since the tourist rate is usually a daily rate.

At the conclusion of a lease contract, the rule here in Gran Canaria is that the deposit and the first month rent are paid in cash when signing the agreement.

the subsequent rental payments can then be paid in cash or through the bank at the request of the owner of the property.

The commission of the broker:

The commission of the broker must also be paid in cash when signing the contract. In most cases this commission is the amount of 1 month rent of the rented property.

Cancellation of a lease:

In most cases you can only terminate the tenancy agreement when the first lease agreement expires, but there is also the possibility to do this earlier, provided that a follower is sought who takes over the current treaty.
At the end of the lease agreement, the brog is paid back by the landlord when the rented property is handed over in good condition.

Keeping pets:

In the south of Gran Canaria it is very difficult to rent something if you are in possession of the larger pets.
This is usually not by the landlord but by the communidad of a complex that forbids the keeping of pets in a complex.

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In Gran Canaria the rental prices are between 800 euros and 3000 euros, depending on the size of the apartment or bungalow. For example, in Playa del InglÚs, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Arguineguin, Pasito Blanco, Puerto Rico, Puerto Mogan, San Agustin, you pay between € 800 and € 2,500 per month for an apartment or bungalow. However, it is possible to rent cheaper, but then the accommodations are often in poor condition and poorly furnished.
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You should know that Playa del Igles was built in the seventies and that money also for maspalomas. Meloneras and all places that come after are somewhat younger.
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If you want to rent cheaper than it is advisable to search outside the tourist zone, the prices are significantly more favorable and the number of m2 higher. These places are usually 5 to 15 minutes from the tourist zone.
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