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Ref. No. Playa 3431, Bar / Cafeteria fully furnished and in operation for takeover.
This object consists of several modules with in between a teras.
Located in a shopping center in Playa del Ingles.

Further info on request

Playa del ingles 3431360 virtual tour

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Ref N º: 3426 San Agustin, restaurant for sale in a prime location with large clientele, existing for over 30 years. Size: 200 m² total area, interior space = 150 m², with front and rear terraces each with a surface of 25 m². Separate storage space, 2 different entrances. Restaurant divided into small room with 18 seats and the large dining room with 56 seats. The terraces are each covered with awning with 22 seats and another 22 seats on the sea side. Air conditioning in the large dining room, in the small hall and in the kitchen. Kitchen appliances complete with 16 gas burners, oven, pizza oven, large plate warmer, fridges, freezer, salamander ect. Dishwasher, separate sink, ventilation, air supply and windows in the kitchen. The restaurant has 1 powder room and 1 men's toilet. Electricity 26.3 KW with maximum and condenser for the reactive energy. (saves about 20% of electricity consumption) The restaurant has been renovated and improved at regular intervals. The owner wants to sell because of his age.
Comunidad: 300, - Euro, Warehouse: 19, - Euro, Terrace inside: 35, - Euro. Advantage: no rental costs, no Traspaso. All papers available.

Purchase price: 640.000, - Euro

 3426 San Agustin Restaurant zum verkauf  Gran Canaria


Ref N º: 3429, office space in a new complex a total of 600 sqm, with elevator, 3 bathrooms / toilets and stairs. The space would be divisible by a wall. Large windows with views.
5, - Euro per m² rental price. deposit and commission.

600 m² surface / rent: 3000, - Euro

 3429 Büroräume  Gran Canaria


Refnr: Maspalomas 531 Local, business area in rough construction, 60 m² floor area in shopping mall. For many purposes possible. Possibility for great advertising. Commission: 2 monthly rent prices. The owner is looking for tenants who setting it up themselves and therefore reduce the rent.

Rent: 300, - Euro

 Maspalomas 531 Lokal


Ref: 528 Maspalomas store, located at 50 sqm of floor space in a good location.
In the vicinity there are hotels, many footmen.
The transfer of preference including inventory.
Therefore, the transfer fee has not yet been determined.

Rent: 1.011, - Euro / deposit 2 months rent / commission 1 month rent

 maspalomas 528 lokal


Refnr: 3404 Office or commercial space, nice large areas in the groundfloor with large entrance door in a central location. Parking nearby. On 261 m² floor space. Bar, ladies' and gentlemen's toilets (also with showers) room with kitchen line. Extra 3rd room for storage, large. Good condition, well tiled. The rear area can also be used as a living space. Many windows, so bright. Papers all available.

Comunidad currently 39, - Euro

Purchase price: 300.000, - Euro

3404 lokal



Refnr: Playa 555, commercial property centrally located in the heart of Playa del Ingles. Air conditioning and new electrical cables. Very good interior. Top condition. Comunidad: 50. - Euro

Sales price: 184,000. - Euro

Playa del Ingles 555 lokal



Refnr 3392, Restaurant with 35 seats inside and terrace with 40 seats. Very tastefully furnished, for health reasons for sale. Since 25 years well-visited company, balance sheets available. License for restaurant. Men's and ladies' toilets, kitchen, bar area. No binding contracts with beverage companies. Located in a good location. Opening times are flexible to change. No rental payments. Parking spaces nearby. Tourist and mixing zone. 2 different entrances to restaurant and terrace.

Purchase price: 262.500, - Euro

Restaurant 3392 san agustin



Ref: Playa 523, A bar located on 500 m² of floor space in the heart of Playa del Ingles. The restaurant is currently operated as a discotheque swingerclub. With bathroom, hot water ect .... Great bar, bar stools and seats.

Rent: 800, - Euro per month. plus Comunidadkosten.

Takeover cost: 75.000, - Euro

Playa del Ingles 523 Bar.jpg


Refnr: Tablero 111 offices, various sizes for different conditions.
At 70 m² size a 12, - Euro per square meter = 840, - Euro
At 16 square meters (currently 2 options available) = 300, - Euro
At 36 square meters, with Teilmobilar (cabinets) = 550, - Euro

Also storage space for garaging for luggage, ect ... can be hired in a other building:

e.g. 1 suitcase or volume of 1 large suitcase as a box / crate = 36, - Euro / year (3.00 day)
e.g. 2 suitcases or volume of 2 large suitcases as carton / box = 50, - Euro / year (4.50 day)
e.g. 4 packing boxes = 84, - Euro / year (7.00 day)

El Tablero 111.jpg


Ref N º: Playa 476, Bar in the heart of Playa del Ingles on about 20 m² floor space with terrace. Counter with 9 bar stools. Cooling, dishwasher, above of the bar, various storage options through shelves. Tables, chairs for terrace, 1 toilet with a window. Air conditioning. Comunidad: currently 62.51 euros per month. Not for rent!

Price: 126.000, - €

Playa del Ingles 476 bar.jpg


Refnr: S293, Shop in Vecindario (El Doctoral) General purpose shop in El Doctoral.Located a stones throw from the site of a new school due to built soon, is this shop which used to be a stationery shop, ironmonger and bazaar, but could be used for almost anything. Although the frontage is narrow, the shop goes back a long way and the walls are lined with an adjustable shelving system and the ceiling has an impressive array of lights. The shop has toilets for customers & / or staff. The stock, photocopier and till are all included.

It would be possible to connect this with the local next door (see ref: E292) to create larger premises. Situated between the main road and the new school site, this could be a great location.

Size: 65m²

PRICE: 119,000 €

El doctoral S293.jpg


Refnr S065, Shop in Patalavaca, well located corner shop in the main shopping centre in Patalavaca and clearly visible from the main road. The shop (although closed at the moment) normally sells a range of souvenirs, gifts and items for the home and although the current stock is included, it would be easy to change to shop into what ever business you want.

As it is a corner plot, you have 2 large display windows. At the rear of the shop is a small store room and toilet. There is also access to the rear terrace. Size: 23m², Terrace: 14m²

PRICE: 177,200 €

Patalavaca S065.jpg


Ref N º: 3262 Aguineguin, Plot 150 m² of living space and an additional 70 m² terrace, directly in 1st row to the sea. This accommodation is still in construction, but would be good for a large apartment, restaurant, to develop. Topp location in the heart of tourism, located near the sea. Shopping center, restaurants nearby. There are about 15/20 meters to the beach. From the terrace overlooking green area and beach.

Price: 210.000, - €

Arguineguin 3262.jpg


Ref N º: 3240 Playa, running restaurant in shopping center for sale in the heart of Playa del Ingles. For over 20 years owned by the same owner. With kitchen, 2 toilets, storage room and a small private room. Terrace with 32 chairs and tables inside and a large bar area with 20 barstools, and 18 chairs with tables inside. This place is for sale of grounds of the age from the owner. The owner can submit balance sheets.

Price: 190.000, - € (no rent costs)

playa del ingles 3240.jpg


Refnr: B214 restaurant, good running for 10 years, to a total of 100m ² of floor space with 50 sqm terrace. A prime location in the heart of a shopping center, terrace with 28 seats and 14 tables and umbrellas. are signs makes it easy to find. The inner dining area with air conditioning has a surface area of 73.5 m ² for another 54 guests at 27 tables.At the front is a separate preparation area with a 3 burner gas hob. This is used for flambés, which is one of the restaurants specialities. The unit is mobile so food can be cooked at the guests table – a feature which has proved to be very popular. Bar area to 9.4 ² with its own sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee maker, and many shelves and hanging space for glasses. Kitchen auf16m ² with 4-burner hob and oven, grill, plancha, 2 fryers, double pizza oven, 2 professional microwave ovens, dishwasher, double sink and industrial extractor. Storeroom on 10m ². Lobby to 1.9 m ² with a sink, mirror and hand dryer, separate toilets. The restaurant consists of two business premises, can also be separated. Comunidad: 600, - Euro incl trash fees and water consumption, traspaso: 175.000, - Euro. Deposit: 18.000, - Euro

Rent: 4.850, - Euro

B 214 Restaurant.jpg


Refnr: B213, restaurant on a total of 61 sqm Elegant, well-established restaurant, which was founded 14 years ago. It enjoys a good location close to major shopping center. At the front a partially open terrace and a covered terrace with seating for 24 guests is. + 3 leather sofas for customers who may want to drink an aperitif or a coffee Additional dining area, fully stocked bar, closet, customer toilets and a well-equipped kitchen, in very good condition. Here you will find a warm atmosphere that is complemented by the plant. Comunidad: 192, - Euro, traspaso: 59.500, - Euro.

Rent: 1723, - Euro

B 213 Restaurant.jpg


Refnr: B194 bar, bar in a large shopping center in Playa del Ingles on 80 sqm with 20 sqm bar area and a covered terrace on 2 levels. The ground floor comprises a main bar with a large flat-screen TV, an additional room of 15m ². On the upper floor is the bathroom and an additional room of about 19m ², which is currently used for storage. The main bar was renovated in 2011. There are satellite dishes on the roof with a 3m dish for Sky TV. Comunidad: 90, - Euro. Leasehold: 45.000, - Euro.

Rent: 476, - Euro

B194 Bar.jpg


Ref N º: B127 bar, in a shopping center with a 84m ² terrace area and can accommodate 65 people. Double entrance doors with a large entrance. Covered terrace 57m ² has 26 seats. . DJ-range, air-conditioning and a stage with a large plasma-screen TVs on both sides.
The air-conditioned main bar on 106m ² has a metal gate. The bar is made of granite and 9m ² equipped with 4 dispensers, freezer, dishwasher with plenty of storage space. Fully tiled bathrooms: small lobby to 0.54 m² with sink, mirror & 2 cabins each with WC 1.16m ². Bearing surface to 7.8 m ², freezers, double pizza oven, double fryer 3 cabinets with stainless steel worktop. On the back is the staff toilets to 3.9 m with a washing machine.
Kitchen: 21.9 m², fully tiled in black and equipped with double stainless steel sink with dryer, dishwasher, large shelf with four cabinets, small freezer, 3 microwaves, single sink with foot control and water supply, Plancha / grill, 6 burner gas stove with oven, double fryer, hood & stainless steel countertops. There is also a serving hatch to the main bar area. Large basement at 116 m. Comunidad: 203, - €. Trespaso: 75.000, - €, Deposit: 18.000, - €

Rent: 3,595, - €

b127 Bar.jpg


Ref N º: B 075 restaurant, all fixtures and fittings are included. The dining area 67.3 m ² including a covered terrace 28.5m ² has a tiled with marble floor, the walls are tiled halfway up the effect looks like a stone. With a total of 16 tables and 4 chairs each. Plasma TV, electric roller shutters, Toldos on the outside walls. Additional internal retractable canvas roof, which is operated electrically. Auf 20,5 m² kitchen, with a service counter and granite work surface with 3 doors down, 4 drawers with 2 shelves, sink and freezer. Bar with beer pump. Behind the bar area of further work area with cabinets below 7 and 2 shelves. Double sink, double pizza oven, double fryer, 6 ring burner, a plancha and cooker hood, coffee machine and cash register. Toilets (each 1.2 m, are tiled and share a lobby to1, 2 m) with a sink and mirror. Upstairs there is still a freezer, Kühlschrankund a shed with steel shelves. Office / bedroom 19.9 m² with bathroom with bathtub and sink. Comunidad: 285, - €. Leasehold: 160.000, - €

Rental price: 2.030, - €

B075 restaurant.jpg


Ref N º: 117, San Agustin, a restaurant in the shopping center, outdoor terrace, parking, restaurant is currently operating as a Chinese restaurant.

Price: 396,000, - €

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Ref N º: Mogan 12, empty building with about 120 m² on the ground floor in the center of Mogan. Divided into different rooms. Ladies and gentlemen toilets, a total of 4 rooms with water supply with emtions to build a kitchen. Large windows and 2 entrances. Can be used as a restaurant, bar or office space.

without traspasso, 1 month rent Commission

Rent: 1,000, - €

Mogan 12.jpg


Ref N º: Playa del Ingles, 318, office space, up to 85 m². Reception desk in the entrance area. Laminate flooring, telephone and Internet connection. New electrical lines. Toilet and American kitchen area, office space partitioned office and next to it a other office. Another room is divided into individual cubicles, but can be removed. 1 parking space included. Extra storage space. All rooms are renovated. Comunidad: 127, - €. Deposit: 2 months rent. Commissions: 2 months rent.

Rental price: 700, - €


playa del ingles 318 buro.jpg


Ref N º: Tablero 78, empty shop with 121 m². Automatic shutters, behind it are doors. Direct access from the street. 1 bathroom and 1 shower room. 1 extra small room for office or warehouse space.

Rental price: 1000, - € excl. Additional costs

Commission: 2 months rent

tablero 78 lokal.jpg



Refnr: Tablero 73, sehr schönes großes Lokal zu verkaufen. Nutzbar als Diskothek, sehr großes Restaurant mit extra Räumlichkeiten für Veranstaltungen, Hochzeiten, ect. Sehr große Küche mit neuem Inventar, alles vorhanden. Extra Kühlräume, Lagerräume, schöner großer Tresen, Tanzfläche. Mehrere Toiletten, Weinkeller. Hier ist wirklich alles vorhanden, alles neu, reichlich Platz. Neuste Technik.

Preis auf Anfrage mit Bonitätsnachweis, da es sich bei diesem Lokal um eine höhere Investition handelt.





Refnr: Arinaga 2, Bürolokal im Parterre direkt am Meer mit Parkmöglichkeit in der Nähe, oder man kann Garagenplätze dazu mieten. Eingang direkt zur Promenade, neue Stromleitungen, Empfangsbereich mit Sofaecke, 5 abgeteilte Arbeitsplätze, komplett mit Büromöbel ausgestattet. Internet- und Telefonanschlüsse, 2 Toiletten, sehr großer Abstellraum sowie ein großer Meetingraum im hinteren Bereich.

 Mietpreis incl. Möbel: 1.200,- Euro

Arinaga 2


Refnr: Veccindario 17, Kiosk in Shoppingcenter, topp Lage, zu verkaufen. Ideal, um Produkte zu präsentieren. Mit Verglasung und 4 Rollsicherheitstüren. Verkaufsfläche von 2 x 2 Meter.

Traspaso: 6.000,- Euro

Comission: 500,- Euro



Refnr: Arguineguin 27, Lokal zu mieten, auf 95 m2 Nutzfläche, zentral gelegen. Parterre mit großem Fenster, unmöbliert.

Mietpreis: 900,- Euro, Comission: 2 Monatsmieten


Aquinequin 27



Refnr: San Fernando 87, Büro mit Inventar in Shopping Center auf 40 m2 Nutzfläche. Renoviert, Aircondition, Parkettboden, modern ausgestattet.

Traspaso: 26.000,- Euro, Comission : 1300,- Euro


San Fernando 87



Refnr: Playa 246, Restaurant in guter Lage in Shoppingcenter in Playa del Ingles. Renoviert, guter Familienbetrieb, seit über 25 Jahren in Betrieb. Zu verkaufen aus Altersgründen. Geräumige große Küche, großer Tresenbereich.


Traspaso: 150.000,- Euro


playa del ingles 246